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The Functions on HDD Player Become More and More Powerful
UpdateŁş2012-5-8 10:50:12    ĄžCloseĄż

Several years ago, the HDD was used in the computers as the storages. It is necessary to store many files and if has not HDD, the computer will not work. So we know it is very important to exist.

But it can’t do anything when it isn’t fixed in the computer whatever HDD store. As the development of the science, many new equipments come true. Some about HDD are many. HDD media player is very popular now. Only from the words we know it can play the media files on HDD. Yes, it can indeed play the media.

We used the DVD player to play the DVD dishes or CD dishes. But per dish memory is not up to 1GB. All the dishes can’t store many media files and it can’t meet our requires. The video we watch needs be high-definition. Of course the video file will be large. Any DVD or CD dishes can store them. So DVD player is turning be out from our lives.

Many HDD media player can support not only SATA but also IDE interface type. But some only support 3.5 HDD media player not 2.5 one. And 2.5 HDD media player can’t support 3.5 HDD.

We know that we usually use HDD media player to play HD videos. So many players come with HDMI interface. This HDMI HDD player can transmit the high-definition signals to the monitor. Of course, it is necessary to have the function to play HD video.

I think DVD player will disappear and HDD media player will be better and has more functions.
Future Market for High Definition HDD Media Player

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